he “Melody Collection 2pcs Lingerie Set” in green is a sophisticated and alluring ensemble that includes both a bra and matching panties. Here’s a detailed description:

Design and Material

  1. Color: The set is in a rich, vibrant green, providing a luxurious and striking appearance that stands out from more conventional lingerie colors.
  2. Material: Made primarily of high-quality lace, the set is designed to be both delicate and durable. The lace features intricate floral patterns, offering a blend of elegance and sensuality.


  1. Style: The bra is designed with an underwire, providing excellent support and shaping. It accentuates the natural curves, making it both flattering and comfortable.
  2. Cups: The cups are made from green lace, offering a see-through effect that adds to the allure. The lace is adorned with detailed floral designs, contributing to the overall aesthetic.
  3. Straps: Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. They are often decorated with lace or small embellishments to maintain the cohesive look of the set.
  4. Band and Closure: The band is made of matching lace, and the back closure typically features hooks, ensuring a secure and customizable fit.


  1. Style: The matching panties are designed to complement the bra, often in a bikini or thong style. They provide a comfortable yet seductive fit.
  2. Front and Back Panels: The front panel is crafted from the same green lace, ensuring a coordinated look. The back panel can either be fully lace or a mix of lace and mesh, maintaining the set’s overall aesthetic.
  3. Waistband: The waistband is elasticated and decorated with lace, ensuring it sits comfortably on the hips without digging in.

Overall Appearance

  • Elegance and Allure: The combination of rich green lace, intricate floral designs, and delicate embellishments creates a set that is both elegant and seductive.
  • Comfort and Fit: Designed to be both beautiful and functional, the underwire bra and well-fitted panties ensure comfort without compromising on style.



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Melody Green set


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