The “Allen Collection Lingerie Set” in red lace with hollow-out details is a luxurious and seductive ensemble designed to enhance the wearer’s allure and confidence. Here’s a detailed description:

Design and Material

  1. Color: A rich, vibrant red that exudes passion and elegance, perfect for making a bold statement.
  2. Lace: The primary material is intricate lace, known for its delicate, feminine appearance and soft, comfortable feel against the skin. The lace is likely to feature floral or geometric patterns, enhancing its visual appeal.
  3. Hollow-Out Details: Strategically placed cutouts add a provocative element, revealing glimpses of skin and creating an enticing, modern look. These hollow-out sections might be found on the bra cups, sides, or back of the set.


  1. Bra:
    • Cup Design: The cups are crafted from red lace, providing a seductive see-through effect. The cups may be underwired for support or wireless for comfort.
    • Straps: Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, often adorned with lace or subtle embellishments for added elegance.
    • Hollow-Out Sections: Cutouts might be present around the bust area or along the sides, adding an edgy, contemporary twist.
  2. Panties:
    • Style: Typically a thong or a cheeky cut, made from matching red lace to complete the cohesive look.
    • Hollow-Out Sections: These cutouts can be found on the hips, front, or back, designed to complement the bra and enhance the overall seductive appeal.
    • Waistband: Elasticated for a secure fit, possibly adorned with lace trim or small decorative elements like bows or rhinestones.



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Allen lingerie set


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