The “Allen Collection Rhinestone Lingerie Set” in black is a stunning ensemble that exudes luxury and sensuality. This set is meticulously designed to combine elegance with a touch of daring, making it perfect for special occasions or intimate moments. Here’s a detailed description:

General Design and Theme

  • Color: The set is primarily black, a classic choice that enhances its sophisticated and seductive appeal.
  • Style: The design focuses on a blend of glamour and intricate detailing, characterized by the use of rhinestones, lace, hollow-out patterns, and embroidery.

Material and Craftsmanship

  1. Lace: The lingerie is crafted from high-quality black lace, which is soft against the skin and provides a delicate, feminine touch. The lace may feature floral or geometric patterns, adding texture and visual interest.
  2. Rhinestones: Small, sparkling rhinestones are strategically placed throughout the set, adding a touch of sparkle and opulence. These rhinestones catch the light beautifully, drawing attention to the intricate design.
  3. Hollow-Out Patterns: The set features carefully designed hollow-out sections that reveal glimpses of skin. These cutouts are stylishly integrated into the overall design, creating a seductive and teasing effect.
  4. Embroidery: Fine embroidery work complements the lace, adding another layer of detail and sophistication. This embroidery may include intricate floral motifs or other elegant designs.

Components of the Set

  1. Bra:
    • Cups: The bra cups are made from black lace with rhinestone embellishments. They may feature underwire support and are designed to provide both lift and comfort.
    • Straps: Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. These straps might also be adorned with lace or rhinestones for added elegance.
    • Back Closure: A hook-and-eye closure at the back ensures a secure and adjustable fit.
  2. Panties/Thong:
    • Front Panel: The front panel is designed with the same black lace, rhinestones, and embroidery. Hollow-out sections add a provocative touch.
    • Waistband and Straps: The waistband is elasticated for a comfortable fit and may also feature decorative elements like lace or rhinestones.
    • Back Design: The back is minimalistic, often in a thong or cheeky cut style, with hollow-out details to match the bra.



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Allen Rhinestone Lingerie Set


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